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What type of Morton Water Softener salt should you use?  Morton does make many different types of water softener salt so , this is a very fair question.  Different types of water softeners and different types of water have different needs in the home.

Morton Water Softener

All of the Morton water Softener salts are of high quality, you just have to pick the one that works for your water needs. Some water is harder than others. Some leave a residue in your toilet bowl and in your sink.  Some reek havoc on your bathtub or shower. Some water makes your hair dry and brittle.  If you have any of these issue you need a Morton Water softener.

Morton® System Saver® II Pellets are one of the cleanest salts and one of the more expensive.  It is a very high purity salt and contains almost no insoluble additives, this means less cleaning of your brine tank. it made from a secret formula and is 99.5% pure. These salts help prevent the building of hard minerals that can from in your system. It also removes up to 5-6% more harness from the water and removes 50% more impurities. this is the Cadillac of Water Softener salts and is of the highest quality.

Morton also make a White crystal salt that is mined underground. Because this is a natural product there will be some impure additives that will lead to damage to  your brine tank. You can clean these additives out regularly to remove the sedimented product. Many people prefer this natural product as it usually costs less but, still softens your water. This salt is found in salt dome mines throughout the USA.  One of the salt domes these come from is under the city of Detroit in the sate of Michigan

Morton also makes a Solar salt that is made from sea water that is dried in the sun to expose the natural sea salt. It is available in coarse and very coarse types. These salts are produced in ponds so impurities are likely to be present.   Like the product above, these impurities can be cleaned out of the tank as to reduce harm to your Morton Water Softener.  This product works on the principal of evaporation of the water that contains the salt.  As the water evaporates, the pure salt remains.  This is the way salt was first harvested thousand of years ago.

If you have an iron presence in your water you can use a rust remover salt that is in the form of a pellet.  The rust remover is inside the pellet and will help with the build up of impurties and rust. While the salts above are able to remove some rust, this product will remove 15 time more rust than a non-rust removing salt.

So, as you can see, there are many different water softener salts available from Morton. Understanding your water issues will ususally lead you to the salt the works best for your needs. We are happy to help if you have questions about the best Morton Water Softener salt for you to use.

Morton Water Softener.