Morton Water Softener – Worry Free Water Filtration Systems

Morton Water Softener In the United States, 82% of homes have hard water problems, and most opt for a Morton water softener as a solution. With Morton systems, the water softener eliminates different hard water issues in homes. Morton’s home filtration systems are popular and natural solutions, which are virtually maintenance-free, eco-friendly, and provide peace of mind with the knowledge that water quality in homes is pure, clean, and safe.

Morton Water Softener

Total Convenience

Morton’s highly innovative technology will not only save and purify water, but also salt and money. This is because of their “Look Ahead” technology that learns a family’s water habit patterns and predicts potential soft water needs. The Morton water softener system only regenerates when it is needed, saving water and salt significantly. There are 3 basic Morton advantages over other systems. These advantages are:

Morton Water Softener

  • No Cleaning Required – the Morton systems are self-cleaning units. The system is easily installed and is very self-sufficient and works up to ten years. Use of said systems is easy and virtually maintenance-free.
  • No Filter Use – Morton systems use a multi-level filtration process that provides pure, safe, and clean drinking water for households for about ten years. Unlike other types of water systems, Morton systems don’t require disposable filters. The said water filtration system purifies water from the source providing water that is sediment-free and safe to drink.
  • No Worries – Morton eco-friendly home filtration systems delivers pure and clean water. This eliminates the worry of water contamination. The system eliminates the need of bottled water. Morton systems remove impurities, unwanted odors, and sediment.

Simple to Use

Regular tap water enters the Morton system and goes through multiple filtration processes that reduce or totally remove undesirable tastes, smell and sediment. It’s very effective clean rinse cycle automatically initiates when needed. During the said clean rinse cycle, sediment, dirt, and the like are flushed away from the water filtration system out to the drain. Morton Water Softener are the best.


This is the best time to have a Morton Water Softener or a Morton Water Filter. Why? Because most people don’t order them in the Fall – they order them in the spring of the year.  So, pricing during the fall is usually much less then other times of the year and install costs and times are usually lower.  Just make sure you contact more then one provider and always use a Morton Water Softener trained installer!